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Fatal Flame

Delusion Of A Kiss


Naiad´s Lament

Devil By Your Side

Fatal Flame

It grows inside me
It burns inside me
With a fire
Created by pride

One with the world
One with myself
Dancing fire
Pulled aside

Someone heard you
Someone hurt you

Someone said never
It is forever
All I have got
A fatal flame

I thought of it
I learned from it
Last of the visions
The first intermission

Alone I stand
Together we fall
Lost all visions
Final position

Hell is inside of me
Let it creep
Hell is inside of me
Make it sleep

Eternity said never
Forever and ever
All you never got
Was a fatal flame

Someone heard you
Someone hurt you
Your body speaks
In a numb mood

(c) by Janus Psy


Gloomy Thoughts

For Pearls

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